TEDxACCD Systems by Design

About TEDxACCD: The world around us is made up of an assortment of complex systems, both natural and man made. Behind every system, there is a force from which everything begins. Through better understanding, you will have the power to disrupt the system and design a new world. TEDxACCD is a platform for multidisciplinary professionals to share how they are discovering, exploring, and innovating the world through Systems by Design.

Teamwork: As part of the TEDxACCD team I worked with cross-discipline experts to create TEDxACCD Systems by Design. As the Graphics and Interaction team’s web developer I coded and created the website housing the talks and information from the event.

My Specific Roles:
Web developer for the tedxaccd.com webiste
Construction and build out of main stage and event sinage
Stage manager – for day of event
Technical advisement and consultation


Project Background: TEDxACCD was developed by Pearlyn Lii, Connie Bakshi and Eduardo Atjian II, along with 23 future creative geniuses, under the guidance of Sherry Hoffman and Gerardo Herrera. Special thanks to Fred Fehlau, Dr. Lorne Buchman, Nik Hafermaas, India Dunnington, Petrula Vrontikis, Rob Ball, Regina Dowling-Jones, Christine Hanson, Jojo Tardino-Diedrich, Jered Gold, Kristine Bowne, Robbie Nock, Jess Rivas, Ty Powe, Jeffrey Ruiz, David Cawley, and Celeste Guarneri. Commercial below shot by Marz Miller and edited by Aaron Bencid. All event photos by Lindsey Best.

TEDxACCD received an award of recognition from Assemblyman Mike Gatto and the California State Assembly.