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Melges55 – Solo Expedition Yacht

The Melges55 is a sailing yacht intended for solo expeditions and racing. The design consisted of both the interior, exterior, general arrangement and sail plan for the yacht. The hull was based off of the Beneteau Sense 55. The project was carried out with coordination and input from naval architects from Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.

Marine Design | Alias Modeling

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ARO – Rio Olympic Recurve Archery

ARO is an Olympic class recurve archery bow created for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and designed for team USA. The bow was designed to bend several Olympic rules, without breaking them to produce winning results. ARO is constructed out of 3D printed carbon fiber, which allows for the bow concept to be completely redefined through the use of shoot-through-limbs.

Form Development | Innovation | Prototyping | Model Building

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Instagram – Research Project

As part of a team based research project I investigated Instagram and how it is changing the way people communicate. We interviewed, observed and analyzed how people use the app to build new connections and to share some of their most personal moments.

Research | Analysis | Insights | Opportunities

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Vital – UI/UX Design

A sponsored project for Google Android exploring the future of medical mobile technology. The project consisted of working in a trans-disciplinary team of 5 designers with varying specialties ranging from product, graphic and interaction design. The project was carried out over a 14 week period under the guidance of professors from ArtCenter College of Design as well as design and research experts from Google.

Interface | Experience | Medical | Google

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TEDxACCD Systems by Design

The world around us is made up of an assortment of complex systems, both natural and man made. Behind every system, there is a force from which everything begins. Through better understanding, you will have the power to disrupt the system and design a new world. TEDxACCD is a platform for multidisciplinary professionals to share how they are discovering, exploring, and innovating the world through Systems by Design.

Web Design | Systems Thinking | Teamwork

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Braun Home Lighting

This was a short two week project to re-envision and re-position Braun in a different market segment. For this project I selected home illumination and lighting as a market that I believe Braun’s iconic style and attention to detail would lead them to success. Throughout this project I have I dissected Braun’s past history, and the elements that defined their company in order to create several ideations, final renderings and packaging concepts that would lead them to success.

Ideation | Concept Design

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From grinding away metal in the garage as a child, or lashing together pioneering poles as a Boy Scout I have always had a passion for building and creating. When I discovered design, the things I created took on a deeper meaning and began solving real world problems. As I learned about manufacturing and business it allowed my thoughts and visions to carry further than I could have ever achieved as an individual craftsman. Going forward my goal is to design and create corporate value by solving problems across all areas of the product design and manufacturing process.

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